Greece is the land of Gods. The land of Eros+Soul: the greatest love story in the history of the world, an inspiration which permeates every single photograph we take. 

Eros, the son of Venus fell in love with Soul (or Psyche in Greek) the incredibly beautiful daughter of a king. Their love story, one of utter passion and devotion defied destiny and rules, transcending time and becoming the mark of true, everlasting love.

Under the same skies that provided Eros and Soul with shelter, under the same, mythical light that nurtured their romance and even under the blue water that awakened their senses, we aim to capture these tranquil, beautiful and serene vibrations and sprinkle them over your most important occasions.

To us, Greece is so much more than its beaches and sunsets. Greece is its myths, gods, stories, ancient traditions on fertility, love and passion. The country you have chosen to celebrate your relationship in, be it your wedding day, your engagement, your renewal of vows, your honeymoon or just a romantic trip together, is a country that has given birth to Venus herself, the goddess of Love and mother of Eros. The very god of Love. It is a mythical country, fit to celebrate your most important celebration together.

The Story behind lifestyle photography. The rock of Monemvasia - Peloponnese Greece by Eros+SouL

There must be something unique about love in this country, don’t you agree?  We welcome you to look beyond the obvious and uncover this country’s unique features through a photo shoot that you will never forget.

On remote sandy beaches with amazing sunsets chosen by the gods themselves to enjoy romantic moments. On rocky, cliffy beaches with dramatic scenery onto the sea, away from the beaten track. Close to ancient ruins oozing the powerful vibrations that the country abundantly offers if you know where to look. On the famous cliffs of Santorini, on the sandy beaches of Myconos and Naxos, where Apollo lived. On the mainland of Greece, close to rivers and lakes of exquisite beauty and of mystical importance, in the very same locations where goddesses and gods lived and loved.

We have extensively researched and we will share with you, every detail that makes the place you choose for your wedding, honeymoon, engagement or romantic photos… uniquely Greek.

The Story behind lifestyle photography. The rock of Monemvasia - Peloponnese Greece by Eros+SouL