Ageliki is an award winning lifestyle photographer in love with Heritage, Art and Culture

She is Greek and specialises in revealing Eros through greek mythology and symbolism in her photographs.

The use of that clear Greek light is paramount in Ageliki’s photographs that usually combine Land and Sea, conceptual /symbolic props from mythology and postures inspired by other forms of art. Every single photo is unique, like a piece of art.

Capturing Mythology in photography is a subject that has been interesting her since being a student at Photography and Audiovisual Arts in Athens. Her final diploma presentation was entitled “Ariadne in Naxos”, a compilation of 12 scenic panoramic photographs that attempted to create an immersive experience transporting the viewer back to mythical times.

The Artist Ageliki Bitsika behind the lifestyle photography portrait by Eros+SouL

Ageliki has a 17 years experience in the industry, having been employed by various organisations in the cultural sector.

Her photographs have won her two international awards in the Model and Fine art Photography Category for her underwater photographs both shot in Milos. An island where the sun rays dive straight into the sea producing an ethereal glow and is famous for archeological finds such as the Aphrodite of Milos. 

For Ageliki the Greek land, sun and myths represent prosperity, abundance and hospitality. With that in mind, Eros+SouL is set up to help you experience these blessings through inspired photoshoots.

Diligent and deeply respectful, she understands the mystical importance of your moments together and she is there just to capture this atmosphere for you. 

The Artist Ageliki Bitsika behind the lifestyle photography portrait by Eros+SouL