Your wedding day should be a mythical event on its own.

It is a day and an experience which cannot be duplicated, therefore no feeling, no sentiment, no nuance should go unnoticed by your photographer. It is an affair that demands Perfection.

This is our approach to your wedding photography.

Mythical wedding portrait, inspired by Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty, by Eros+SouL

In ancient Greece, marriage was an important institution that in fact enjoyed Hera’s protection. Goddess Hera, the Queen of Gods and Zeus’ wife, was the guardian of marriage and newlyweds sought her blessings before starting off in their common life together. We believe that your decision to get married in Greece, is underlined by a deeper connection with the country and its myths. During our work together, we will  give you the opportunity to explore this bond further, by getting a taste of authentic Greece.

Mythical wedding portrait, inspired by a painting of Aphrodite and Ares love, by Eros+SouL

Inspired by Zeus, we bring into our work, the notion of Hospitality.Whilst we work together, we honor you as guests: we will discuss your dream wedding over a glass of wine, we will try to accommodate all your needs during the photo shoots, we will offer you the best the country has to offer in terms of selecting the perfect location, at the perfect light and at the perfect time and we will be there for you throughout the experience.

Mythical wedding portrait, inspired by Zeus, the king of Gods, by Eros+SouL
Mythical wedding portrait, inspired by Hera, the guardian of marriage, by Eros+SouL

Inspired by Hera, the guardian of marriage, we will share with you myths, customs and marriage symbols from ancient Greece, related to Prosperity and Fertility, values also governed by Hera.

We will use Greece’s abundant nature to intensify the bond with the country. The sea, the rocks, the beaches, the trees, the sky, the water, the sun, the moon, they all become the mythical and meaningful setting of your wedding day. The Awareness of sharing the same landscape, the same light and positive vibe described in ancient Greek myths will uplift the whole experience. Being aware and fully present to experience the vibe of a mythical country will make your day, unbelievably complete and your photographs will reflect just that.

Mythical wedding bouquet with flowers from Greek land by Eros+SouL

Whether you plan to get married in Santorini, Myconos, Naxos or Delos, home of Apollo, in Crete where Europe and Zeus got together as a couple, in Kythera or in Cyprus the islands both claiming to be the birthplace of Venus, whether you have planned to have your wedding or post wedding day in Athens the city of Athena, or get photographed in Sounio near Poseidon’s temple, whether you dream of getting married in mainland Greece and have olive groves and river sides as your setting,  anywhere there will be a Greek myth and an ominous energy governing the place. After all, Greece is mythical.

Mythical wedding portrait in authentic greek scenery by Eros SouL

To mark the end of your wedding experience, you will receive something unique to you to remind you of the days you spent learning and discovering what Greece truly is. Amalthea’s box is our own special gift to the newlyweds bearing all our best wishes for your life together.