As you go away, we wish that you carry the authentic Greek vibe and values with you. Amalthea’s Box is our gift, which except for your photos, includes a secret item, as a lucky charm unique to you.

Amalthea was the nurse of the god Zeus. She nourished him with milk in a cave on Mount Dikte in Crete. When Zeus reached maturity he created the horn of plenty (cornucopia or keras amaltheias) from her crown. According to some, Amaltheia was a nymphe rather than a goat.

During your photo shoots, we wish you to experience the epitomy of the ancient Greek values of prosperity, abundance and hospitality. It is paramount to us, that you feast all your senses while in Greece with us.

Amalthea’s horn, as the name denotes, is a sign and a wish for abundance, joy and unlimited happiness. It is our way of wishing you well and keeping the experience alive for ever. It applies to any occasion: wedding photography, holiday photography as a couple, honeymoon photography, renewal of vows, celebration of your anniversary, underwater photography….

Amalthea's Box. A premium gift which includes a luxury usb to keep your photos alive by Eros+SouL

The box you will receive after your photo shoot in Greece, will contain a completely unique to you gift. Something that will mean a lot to you both and that we are certain you will cherish amongst your most beloved memories.

Memories of an amazing wedding day, a surprise engagement, a mythically organised proposal, will be captured on camera and will stay with you in eternity safely stored in a beautiful box along with this present to remind you of your mythical moments in a mythical country.

Every time you open it, the memory of your wedding or other romantic event together will be coming back, flooding you with the same energy you felt on the day. A little piece of bliss, or eudemonia in Greek, that your soul will instantly recognize and celebrate.

Amalthea's Box. A premium gift which includes a luxury usb to keep your photos alive by Eros+SouL